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When making your career choice for your children , try and choose a career, which first matches their aptitude and then their personality. It is not easy to pursue careers, which do not match. Rather, it is easier to develop an interest in a new career, if one has the aptitude and the right personality for it. This is not to say that one should not pursue careers of one's interest and choice. If a child still aspire to go ahead with careers, which are not suited to his/her aptitude and personality, just make sure that he/she works really hard to improve on their weak areas.

This test is not the final verdict as a child's personality develops with age and the environment at school and home. The test believes that everyone has the potential to be successful in whatever one does, If a child is determined and works hard towards a particular career there is no stopping. Make sure you encourage your children to pursue their hobbies and interests.

For a detailed understanding of your child's aptitude and personality we encourage that your child takes the FutureMap test once he/ she is 13 years of age.

To know more log on to http://www.futuremap.in/

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