Information Technology
In a world that’s defined by technology and progress your child can achieve great success within the Information Technology industry as it offers a wide variety of career options.

Information Technology

Information Technology
Software Programmer
Hardware Engineer
EDP Manager
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Telecommunications mean the exchange of information over a distance, which may be as short as 10 feet or as long as 10,000 miles. Telecommunications and computer equipment are linked for voice, text, image, data, and video transmission. Examples of such transmissions include calling from one phone location to another, sending data from computer to computer over phone lines or cables, relaying documents over facsimile machines, teleconferencing, sending voice and electronic mail, and transmitting cable television signals.

Job Opportunities

Telecommunications Analyst

Your child can work as a telecommunications analyst who is responsible for analysing, evaluating, and maintaining a company's telecommunications systems equipment; modifying telecommunications systems to improve their efficiency; and coordinating the planning and implementation of new telecommunications systems. A telecommunications analyst may be responsible for the entire network or a part of it.

What Does A Telecom Analyst Do?

  • Repair the malfunctioning telecommunications system of a company.
  • Analyse telecommunications requirements and recommend equipment and systems configurations.
  • Review and analyse the phone system/data communications equipment costs; long distance transmission costs; and volume of phone/data related calls.
  • Coordinate the installation and implementation of telecommunications equipment.
  • Test the hardware/software of new telecommunications system.

Famous Personalities

Almond Brown Stroger

The dial phone was invented in the 1880s by Almond Brown Stroger, an undertaker, who was convinced that the Bell Telephone operator was sending calls for his funeral to the operator's brother-in-law, who was also an undertaker. Stroger invented the dial telephone and installed automatic exchanges in the US and Europe. 

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