Three Things to Remember About Radon

If you are trying your best to reduce the risk of cancer, you may not know it but there is one thing that you could do to avoid it. This is to test your home for radon. Radon is a tasteless, odorless, and colorless gas which is proven to cause lung cancer. In fact, exposure to it for a long time could cause death. This is entirely the reason why as much as possible, you need to make sure that you could test your home for radon and do everything in your power to eradicate or minimize it.  

One way to do this is to hire a company that could both test your home for radon levels and mitigate it on the same breadth. When doing so, you need to make sure that the company that you choose is skilled, knowledgeable and trustworthy just like radon Fort Collins. Here some reminders that you should pay attention to about radon: 

  1. Testing for Radon 

Because it is impossible to see or smell radon, the only thing that you could do in order to know whether it exists in your home or not is to test it. Hiring a professional tester is a better choice rather than just buying a kit which you could administer on your own. The reason behind this is that professionals have been testing for radon presence in homes for a long time now and thus, they are able to administer the tests properly in contrast to you who has not been exposed or taught of testing radon within your home. Therefore, if you have a choice, always choose to hire a professional.  

  1. High Levels of Radon 

If the professional has found out that radon levels in your home are high, what you can do is to strategically lower it. In order to do so, one of the best and most popular ways you could do is to create or develop a ventilation system that could fan out radon from your home coursed through outside. If you think that radon went inside your home through water supply such as a deep well, then you must test it for radon. You could mainly get radon from the soil and thus, you need to make sure that water sources near soil are tested.  

  1. When Exposed 

If you have been exposed to radon or at least you think that you have been, the best thing that you could do is to seek for medical attention. You should ask your doctor if you have to go into regular checkups and perform tests in order to make sure that you have no signs of lung cancer. If you are a smoker, and you know that you have been exposed to radon, the best thing to do is to quit smoking. Cigarette smoking and radon inhalation could be a lethal combination and would certainly cause cancer. This is entirely the reason why if you could not avoid inhaling radon, then you could quit smoking instead.